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Gallery Collection

Our Gallery Collection brings together all of our stunning Brighton homes that are on display. Homes you can look at, touch, experience. Homes that truly inspire.

Our Display Homes are all about letting life in, with cleverly designed spaces that are perfectly created for Queensland living. As soon as you step foot in our displays you feel a subtle breeze on your face, you can see beams of natural light bouncing off each wall, decorated with textured wallpaper you can’t help but touch. Our Display Homes help you envisage everyday life, whether it be playing with your kids in the activities room or sipping on your morning coffee at the kitchen bench. Majority of these wonderful plans are on display, so come and walk through to experience it for yourself.

We not only welcome a smile, we welcome a vision and create happiness for you and your family. It's time to let life in. 


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4 3 2 2 1
2 Sizes
4 3 2 2 1


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4 3 2 2 1
3 Sizes


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3 Sizes


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4 Sizes
4 3 2 2 1

Studio Collection

Every one of our home designs are created in our architect’s studio. This is where the original notions begin, sketched out on paper; turning potential into possible, value into visionary and house into home.

Our designs have an appreciation for natural light - allowing you to let life in. We offer open spaces where the sunshine can dance around each and every room. From the very first sketch, to the final floor plan, our designs are fresh, open, airy and are well and truly designed for real living in Queensland.

Welcome to Brighton’s Studio Collection - where a journey, a dream, a possibility come to life.


4 3 2.5 2 1
From: $304,900


3 1 2 2 1
From: $253,600


4 2 2.5 2 2
From: $366,400


4 3 2.5 2 2
From: $403,000


3 2 2.5 2 2
From: $381,900


4 1 2.5 2 2
From: $348,400


3 2 2 2 1
From: $261,900


3 1 2 2 1
From: $251,800


4 2 2 2 1
From: $270,900

Elwood by Brighton

When you open the door to Elwood, you’re opening the door to your future. A future of uncomplicated, authentic living that sets the tone for your life. Your life filled with sun-soaked weekends, long work from home days, and nights where the warm Queensland air flurries in while you cook dinner. You’re choosing family movie nights, barbies with friends and time for the things that really matter to you.

When you choose Elwood, you’re choosing your future the moment you set eyes on our architect-designed floorplans. Everything you see is all yours, yes that’s right it’s all included… Well maybe a few things have been upgraded, we couldn’t help ourselves!

Elwood’s collection of beautifully designed homes welcome easy living with open arms. We understand that life does not have to be complicated so why should your home be? These brilliantly designed homes have been meticulously planned out to compliment the contemporary and effortless lifestyle of Queenslanders. Life’s well lived when it’s all yours.


3 3 2 2 1
From: $300,600
4 2 2 2 1
From: $297,000


4 3 2 2 1
From: $313,400
4 3 2 2 1
From: $299,400
4 2 2 2 1
From: $294,200
River Single Storey Home Design Terra Facade
4 3 2 2 1
2 Sizes
From: $309,300


4 2 2.5 2 2
From: $408,600


4 1 2 2 1
From: $281,300


4 1 2.5 2 2
From: $365,200

Brighton Black

All our homes let life in. They let in a breeze. They let in the outdoors. They let in the birthdays, barbecues, and baby showers. They let in the wonderment of a life well lived, well shared, and well loved. A Brighton Black home is all this and something more. A Brighton Black home lets out the inner you. It lets out your need for creative self-expression. It lets out your want for pride of place. And it lets out your desire to be rewarded with the things you deserve. A Brighton Black home frees your soul.

A Brighton Black home is crafted with a level of consideration usually confined to the pages of an Architectural Digest. There are view lines from the entrance, drawing you in. And immersive framed views, drawing you out. It boasts generous proportions and double height voids. And features no less than the most exceptional finishes. It is a unique home. It is the impossible made possible. It is the best of Brighton. And it is for only a select few.

BLK49C Facade


4 3 5 2 2
From: $899,000