Don't just take Our Word, take theirs

We want to highlight the people who have chosen to let life in with Brighton over the years and share their stories building their dream homes. From first home buyers and builders to experienced property owners, individuals, and families from all over South East Queensland, our community of customers is what drives our team to ensure it's always better with Brighton. However, we don't want you to just take our word for it, take theirs!

Brighton Customer Bree

Helping Bree Build Her Legacy

Brighton customer Bree signed the contract of her first home at the age of 26 with Brighton, making her the first person in her family to not only build a home but own a home. Discover how Bree has starting building a legacy for her family.

David, Monique and Family

David & Monique's Dream Family Home

As parents, David and Monique have made it their priority to give their family the best life they can and for them, this meant a family home to call their own. Discover their journey building with Brighton.


Building Lucy's Pinterest Board

After 31 years of dreaming up her first home, Lucy finally engaged Brighton to turn her elaborate Pinterest board into a reality. Discover her journey building her first home with Brighton.

Harrison & Breanna

Harrison & Breanna's First Home Journey

At just 19 & 20, Breanna and Harrison decided to build with Brighton for their first home. We take a look at their journey with Brighton and how they navigated a home build as their first property adventure.

Angelo and Tony

Angelo & Tony on Building New over Buying Established

As seasoned renovators, Angelo and Tony decided it was time to finally retire the tools and build new. After struggling to transform an established home into their perfect home, Angelo and Tony turned to Brighton to build their home from scratch.


Building the Home of Her Dreams at 50

Building the home of her dreams at the age of 50, single mother Liz is incredibly proud to show her kids that the sky is the limit and that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Discover how Liz found community in our Brighton Homes family. 

Our Customer: Jenna

Building Jenna's Future

After years of planning, Jenna was finally able to build the foundation for the rest of her life. Jenna had a grand plan from the very beginning and engaged Brighton to build her first home with a clear direction for her future.