At 50 Liz built the home of her dreams with Brighton

"Oh my goodness it feels good. You know sometimes as a single mum people think you can't do anything. But for me, 2021 was my year for me. It was my year. At 50 you get your mortgage and it makes you feel young!"

Liz's dream to build her home finally came to life when she stepped into the Brighton display homes at Providence South Ripley. Not only did Liz become the first homeowner in her family, but was able to build a home that met her every need. Using our single storey San Marino floor plan, Liz with the help of our team created what she set out to achieve, a large and beautiful home that would comfortably fit her family. "This house is my life. I came to Australia in 2001 and I have been renting my whole life. I am the first person in my family to own a house so it is, it is... This is my life. It's like I have shown my kids that the sky is the only limit. You can be whatever you want to be and age is just a number. Even at 50, you can own a house. I've built my dream home."

Liz was sold on Brighton to build their home when she learned about our long list of quality inclusions. "You know it's like when you build your house you want your house to be perfect you don't want a mortgage for 30 years for something you don't love. So when I went to Brighton Homes their inclusions, you know their standards... Their doors, their standard would be an upgrade with other builders. Their ceilings would be an upgrade with other builders. And their bench. Their benches are everything for every woman! The kitchen bench, their standard would be an upgrade for other builders."

"I'd just love to show my house to the world"

"I am very very proud. I am. It’s…. I’d just love to show my house to the world. You know, I wish I could invite everyone over who passed down the road and say can you come in, can you come in? I am so proud of my house. I don’t even hesitate to show my house to the world."

"Brighton don't just build houses, they build communities."

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