The easy 8 step guide of your Pre-Build Journey

Step One
Step One – Initial Quote

After discussing your vision with a Brighton Homes Building and Design Consultant, you’ll have the chance to choose your favourite single-storey house design. We’ll then provide you with an initial quote.

Step Two – Preliminary Agreement

The next step involves signing your preliminary agreement and paying your initial $3,000 (non-refundable) deposit fee, which secures your quote for 180 days. If you want to make any changes to the design of your home at this point, your quote can be amended.

Building Process Step3
Step Three – Consolidated Tender

A meeting will be booked with your Building and Design Consultant so that you can review your Consolidated Tender (CT). Once the CT and any other remaining paperwork has been agreed on and signed, you can move forward with choosing electrical appliances and design details.

Step Four – Plan Presentation

Your plans are now ready for you to review and sign with your Project Coordinator. You will also have your Open Studio Appointment where you will see all the choices available for your new home.

Step Five – MyChoice Design Studio

It's shopping day! With the help of your qualified Interior Design Consultant, you'll turn your house into your dream home. Don't forget to bring your design pallets & Pinterest photos for inspiration!

Step 6
Step Six – Contract Signing and Electrical Presentation

Attend your Contract Signing Appointment to review and sign your contract with your Project Coordinator. You will also attend your Electrical Appointment to plan the electrical layout of your home.

Step Seven – Building Approval

Once your contract, interior design and electrical components have been finalised, your plans will be lodged with our private certifier to obtain your Building Approval (BA).

Step Eight – Authority to Commence Construction

Fantastic news, your BA is here! Your financial lender will now provide you with a letter of Authority to Commence Construction (ACC). After receiving your ACC construction of your new Brighton home will commence. 

8 Step Build Journey

Download our full 8 Step Guide Brochure for the 8 Steps of your Build Journey. We believe that every home we build is unique and we make every effort to ensure your new home is built to the highest quality. Our aim is to make sure you love building your dream home just as much as we do!

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