The Building Process

We will partner with you through every stage and milestone throughout the building process, from the moment we help you to select the perfect design for your lifestyle and location, to the day we hand over the keys to your brand new home.

To help you understand the process, we have created an easy 8 step guide outlining  the different steps involved during your pre-build journey and your build journey which brings your new home to life.  Download the 8 step guide below!

And to help you even more, pay only $3K deposit to get your dream home underway, with the balance of the 5% not paid until your home project is ready to go to site.  Yes that’s right, we do not require your full 5% deposit up front because we cover the costs of getting your home through council for you!

We believe that every home we build is unique and we make every effort to ensure your new home is built in the shortest time frame possible and to the highest quality.

Our aim is to make sure you love building your dream home just as much as we do!

Download the 8 step guide