Experienced property owners Angelo & Tony discuss building new

"We used to always go through display houses to get inspiration for our house and we were very limited with renovations, we were on a budget and you can't just knock out a wall here and there."

Angelo and Tony fell in love with the Preston 35, a double storey home a part of our Gallery Collection. When talking to Angelo and Tony about why they decided to build new over buying another "fixer-upper" Tony explained "well we've both owned our own homes separately. So I bought a house several years ago now, just a fairly basic, simple house to do some renovations. Um and yeah it took us a long time to get it to a point where we liked it. It took a long time and a lot of effort. It was quite exhausting honestly." 

Tony went on to say "We never really got to a point where it was perfect, or where we wanted it to be. And it never quite felt like home because it was always changing, there was always something to do. There was never a moment to sit and relax."

Angelo added "We used to always go through display houses to get inspiration for our house and we were very limited with renovations, we were on a budget and you can't just knock out a wall here and there and just expect it to be worth it if you only just bought the house recently. Building from scratch you can design everything and just your entire mood board and everything you envisioned, it all just kinda comes together. Having the team in the MyChoice Design Studio guide you through it as well and they ask you to bring in pictures and had an Instagram with all our inspiration and we were able to just kind of lay it all on the table and say this is what we want. And they made it all happen."

"It made our journey so much easier."

When talking about the support of the Brighton team, Angelo said "you know you have your ideas in your head of what you want to do and what you want to achieve but having that team to support you and help you realise exactly what you want and put it all together is just amazing."

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Study Nook
Angelo & Tony' Living Room

"We are very lucky to have chosen Brighton"

"For me, it was really about having that team around and having the people there to support you all the way along and being so helpful and so willing to go beyond and to go out of their way. Always having great ideas but having that team there to bounce those ideas off and come up with other amazing solutions that we would never be able to think of ourselves. To create a home that is even better than what we thought it would be. It's really been amazing." - Tony

"We love the outside of our house"

When talking about their favourite part of their home Angelo said "I love the colour. We just really went bold. We went blue on the outside and we love it. We wanted a nice Queenslander kind of style of house and we were able to get that. Just the outside. We love the outside of the house." Tony added "We weren't sure but it became such a good pick, such a good decision."

Oscar Living Room Coffee Table
Angelo & Tony's Facade