After 31 years of dreaming up her first home, Lucy finally engaged Brighton to turn her Pinterest board into a reality.

“Brighton didn’t just build a house they built a dream I had. They built my vision. They built my Pinterest board! I had all these crazy ideas and they just bought all my inspiration and crazy ideas into a home which I think is pretty remarkable.”

Lucy had the goal of owning a home by the time she was 25. It wasn’t until age 31 that she stopped listening to the naysayers and walked into Brighton Homes to sign the contract to build her very first home! Overcoming the seeds of doubt in her mind planted by others saying she could never do it by herself, Lucy proved them all wrong and bought her vision to life with the help of Brighton Homes. Building the single storey Meridian 27 from our Gallery Collection, Lucy knew the moment she walked through the doors of our Meridian 27 on display at Everleigh Greenbank that this was her house. “As soon as I walked through the doors of the Meridian 27, which is what I built, I just thought yeah this is it! I felt like I was walking into my house. I just wanted to tell everyone who was browsing to get out!” 

Since building her home, Lucy has found a love in interior design and decoration. Ignited by her time in the MyChoice Design Studio, Lucy loved the process of choosing the selections and being able to decorate her very own space. “It’s honestly a whole new world in the MyChoice Design Studio. There are so many options available which is why I bought in a Pinterest board, so I wasn’t overwhelmed because there is so much to look at.” With the help of her Pinterest board, our Qualified Interior Design Consultants and the four key appointments that make up our MyChoice Design Studio experience, Lucy selected the items that would make up her first home build. “Brighton built my Pinterest board. It’s true! I had it broken down into every category like ‘bathroom tile.’ It was amazing!”

"My first interaction with Brighton staff was amazing"

"So I met one of the Sales Reps out in South Ripley and I literally felt like I was walking into the kitchen of someone I had known for a long time. We just sat and had a chat about what I was thinking and he was so helpful. He was not like any of the Sales Reps I had met... I had been going through a lot of different display homes.

I think I just felt like they were out to just help me achieve my dream rather than getting a sale. So that set them apart straightaway. I feel like they were just looking at me as Lucy and that really set them apart."

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If you're looking for a home in South East Queensland that perfectly meets your every need, have you considered building? Discover the luxury of choosing every finish in your home, from flooring to window coverings and everything in between. If it's your first time building it definitely doesn't have to be overwhelming, let the professionals guide the way. Discover our First Time Home Builders Guide and discover for yourself just how simple building a home can be.

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The MyChoice Design Studio is where all the cosmetic choices in your home is made. From drawers and doors to sinks and switches from Australia's well-loved brands, you'll be spoilt with service and choice. The MyChoice Design Studio offers thousands of products, materials, and electricals for every customer to touch, feel and appreciate in this home owner's heaven. 

"I saw all of my ideas actually come to life and I just remember feeling so proud of myself for continuing on and just doing it and making these decisions for  myself.. also have great style!"

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Lucys Brighton Home

"I just feel really blessed"

"I just feel so blessed that I am able to call this place my home and see it in front of me. I can utilise it the way I want to. I can have a garden and have people over for dinner and just be so proud of this space I have created."

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