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At Brighton Homes, we understand a home is more than a mixture of materials, furniture and things. It’s the result of sacrificed coffees, long working days and late nights planning.
We want to help you celebrate how far you’ve come and capture the little things that create the bigger picture, with sun-fringed spaces and generously-sized rooms that are limited only by your imagination. After all, no house is complete without the ideas and personality of those who will always call it home.
Inside is an assortment of flexible architectural floor plans from our Gallery Collection that are inspired by hectic mornings getting the kids out the door, afternoon storms, where conversations over the fence turn into drinks and a barbie, and days where everything just falls into place. Whether you’re looking for a break from the big-city buzz, to splurge a little or simply create a new life journey, you’ll be able to move as easily through our homes as the summer breeze does. 

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