Why is Everyone Moving to Queensland?

Why is everyone moving to Queensland
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In recent years, Queensland has become the go-to destination for Australians seeking a fresh start. From our bustling cities to idyllic coastal sanctuaries, the sunshine state offers a lifestyle that’s hard to resist. But what exactly is drawing people from other states and territories to Queensland in such droves?

With housing affordability becoming increasingly difficult in places like Sydney and Melbourne, Queensland’s property market has become more attractive for many. Add to that our enviable climate with endless days of sunshine and mild winters, it’s easy to see why so many put Queensland as their top choice for a change of pace.

But it’s not just about the weather and real estate. Queensland is also packed with a diverse range of lifestyle opportunities, from vibrant cultural scenes to outdoor adventures and major events. So let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why everyone seems to be making the move to Queensland.

Why are People Moving to Queensland? 

People are flocking to Queensland for all sorts of reasons, with South East Queensland – and Brisbane city in particular – becoming a prime destination for former Sydneysiders and Melburnians. The city’s economy, coupled with its relatively lower cost of living compared to other major Australian cities, makes it an attractive choice for those who are after better opportunities.

Relocating to Queensland gives you the chance to escape the hustle and bustle while still having immediate access to major amenities and some great career prospects. Moreover, the lifestyle of sunny Queensland is a major drawcard, with a climate envied by the rest of the country and an abundance of outdoor activities that cater to all interests.
From our pristine beaches to lush rainforests further north, Queensland has natural beauty in spades – and that’s incredibly hard to beat. And for those wondering what it’s like living in Brisbane, it simply comes down to the laid-back, welcoming community, diverse cultural scene and everything you need right on your doorstep – a winning combination that continues to attract newcomers.

Here are just a handful of reasons why so many people are making their move to the sunshine state.

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1. Housing Affordability

It should come as no surprise that housing affordability is a driving force behind the mass exodus from cities like Sydney and Melbourne to Queensland. With skyrocketing property prices in major city centres, young families have found themselves priced out of the market entirely, or at the very least relegated to outer suburbs with lengthy commutes and fewer amenities.

Rising cost of living and the rental crisis are further exacerbating the issue, leaving many struggling to secure affordable housing. Moving to Queensland offers comparatively lower housing costs, which can be a lifeline to those who have dreams of home ownership – without them having to sacrifice financial stability or facing the uncertainty of the rental market.

2. Infrastructure Bottlenecks and Congestion

According to a McCrindle social researcher, infrastructure bottlenecks in New South Wales have become big reasons why people are moving away from the state. High levels of traffic congestion, coupled with extended hospital waiting times, are also contributing to a sense of frustration.

Queensland, on the other hand, presents a more appealing alternative with our relatively smoother traffic flow and shorter wait times for essential services. As people seek to escape the gridlock and delays associated with CBD living down south, Queensland’s more efficient infrastructure and lower congestion rates are causing some to make the move beyond the New South Wales border.

3. Lifestyle

The allure of Queensland’s picture-perfect lifestyle goes well beyond just the pleasant climate. Migration Queensland highlights a few key lifestyle factors that are attracting newcomers, including safe and thriving multicultural communities, a robust economy, as well as universities that are seeing high international rankings.

The sunshine state certainly lives up to its name – with our warm subtropical environment, world famous beaches and stunning natural beauty providing the ideal backdrop for outdoor activities and a more relaxed way of life. Plus, our diverse cultural scene and strong sense of community make Queensland a welcoming place for families to set up for the long term.

Living on the Queensland Sunshine Coast

4. Climate

There’s no denying that Queensland’s warmer climate is a major drawcard for those who want to escape the long, dark winters down south and instead enjoy a sun-filled lifestyle year-round, according to TAFE Queensland. With over 300 days of sunshine annually, we enjoy a pleasant subtropical climate characterised by warm summers and mild winters.

While it’s true that the mercury can soar high during our hot summers, averaging around 30°C, Queensland experiences fewer intensely humid periods that are typical of tropical regions. Average water temperatures of 26°C mean locals can take a dip in the coastal waters even outside of the summer months. During winter, temperatures also remain mild, ranging from around 9–19°C depending on which part of the state you’re in, with sunny days perfect for exploring our many outdoor attractions.

5. Opportunities

Building a long and rewarding career is just as possible in Queensland as in other parts of the country, with many industries ripe with opportunities for career advancement and business adventures. There are ample employment prospects for professionals seeking new challenges, no matter which sector you work in. Plus, the state’s supportive business environment means you’ll have opportunities for starting or investing in a business.

Queensland has a stable economy thanks to plenty of Queensland government support and promising growth forecasts, which means there’s fertile ground for business success in future. Whether you’re looking for a new career challenge or venturing out as an entrepreneur, there’s plenty of reasons why Queensland could be the perfect destination.

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What are the States Most People Are Leaving? 

The latest Census data shows Queensland’s huge population growth, with over 73,000 people choosing the sunshine state as their new home, which is a notable 1.4% increase.
Perhaps most interesting, Queensland also saw the highest level of net interstate migration across the country, attracting over 50,000 newcomers. By contrast, New South Wales saw a major population decline, with over 35,000 people leaving the state during the same period.

Even though we are such a large state, these figures speak volumes about Queensland’s growing appeal as a preferred location for people who want a better quality of life.

What Impact is Interstate Migrating Having on QLD's Property Market? 

It’s true that interstate migration is having an impact on Queensland’s property market – but there’s still plenty of land to go around if you’re looking to buy or build your dream home.

While housing prices have been on a steady upward trajectory, mirroring Sydney and Melbourne trends, recent plateaus in those markets suggest a potential levelling off in the near future. However, with sustained interstate migration and low housing supply, there may be some mild upward pressure on Queensland property prices.
With demand starting to outstrip supply, now is the perfect time to act and start building your dream home.

Finding a home in Queensland

Finding a Home in Queensland

Finding a home in Queensland as an interstate mover can seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of strategic planning and plenty of research, the process can be surprisingly manageable. Start by exploring all the different suburbs across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, where Brighton Homes has a huge range of house and land packages to explore.

In the capital city, Victoria Point, Brighton and Heathwood are well regarded as family-friendly Brisbane suburbs, thanks in large part to their excellent amenities, beautiful surrounds and vibrant communities. Meanwhile, the Gold Coast has suburbs like Burleigh Heads, Helensvale and Broadbeach Waters that offer coastal living at its finest, with stunning beaches and thriving entertainment precincts.

Before making the leap, it’s a good idea to get across the major differences between city and suburban living in Queensland. While Brisbane’s CBD pulsates with cultural offerings and career opportunities, suburban life is a change for a quieter, more family-oriented lifestyle.

When searching for your perfect Queensland abode, take advantage of online resources and speak to locals to get insights into different neighbourhoods. You may want to research things like nearby schools, transport links, green spaces, medical facilities and shopping centres to find the perfect fit for your needs.

What Do I Need to Know Before Moving to QLD? 

Here are some things to keep in mind when it’s time to start ticking off items on your moving house checklist – whether you’re moving from NSW to QLD, relocating to QLD from Victoria or anything in between.

  • Get a number of different quotes: Gather quotes from interstate removal companies to compare their services and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. If friends or family have made a similar lifestyle switch, ask them about their experiences so you can avoid common moving pitfalls.
  • Take out the right amount of insurance: You’ll want to protect your belongings during transit given it’s quite the journey, so do some research and compare your insurance options. Go with a reputable insurer to find a policy that matches your needs and gives you total peace of mind as you relocate.
  • Arrange your transport: Plan transportation for yourself, family, pets and belongings so the move is streamlined and hassle-free. Do you want to haul your belongs up via truck or train while you take a plane? Or would you prefer to handle most of it yourself and save on removalist costs?
  • Consider temporary storage: If you haven’t locked in your accommodation or will be renting while your new home is being built, it’s a good idea to plan for any unforeseen circumstances. For example, you may want to arrange temporary storage for your belongings in secure facility – just in case of unexpected changes or delays.
  • Take care of your to-do list before arriving: Focus on tasks like setting up gas and electricity in your new place, activating essential services like the internet, as well as inspecting your new property before moving in.
Escape the rental crisis, build your own home

How to Escape the Rental Crisis and Build Your Own Home

Tired of the rental crisis? You’re definitely not alone. Moving to Queensland could be the first step in you taking control of your housing destiny and building your own home. Escaping the rental trap and achieving the Great Australian Dream of home ownership could be within reach – and Brighton Homes has a huge range of house and land packages to help you get started. Here are some valuable money-saving tips to guide you on your journey to owning your own slice of paradise.

Tip 1: Make small lifestyle changes

Even the smallest lifestyle tweak could make a big difference to the amount of time it takes you to become a home owner. Set savings goals and track your progress using budgeting apps like WeMoney or Frollo. Write down your target deposit amount and revisit it often for motivation. This way, you can be mindful of your spending habits and steadily build towards your dream of owning a home – without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Tip 2: Set a savings goal

Setting a savings goal is something small and simple – but it can help you save for your first home faster. Then take a look at what you can cut back on. Plan meals at home to cut down on dining expenses, for example, or make your own coffee for work instead of buying takeaway every day. Review all the subscriptions you’re paying for and either cancel the ones you don’t use or switch to more cost-effective plans.

Tip 3: Tackle your debt first

Before pouring all your savings into a first home deposit, try to tackle your existing debt first. Consolidating multiple debts into one can streamline your repayments and even reduce the fees you way. By getting your debt under control, you’ll save on long-term interest payments and free up extra funds to save towards your new home. Prioritising debt management is always a good strategy, and it can set a solid foundation for achieving your home ownership goals.

Tip 4: Do your research

Research is key if you want to get out of the rental crisis trap and become a fully fledged home owner. Without doing your research on market conditions 

and fluctuating housing costs, you risk running into unexpected challenges and paying more than you should. Take the time to explore every part of the home-building process, from location to builder inclusions. Doing your due diligence will not only save you valuable time and money, but it will also boost your confidence should any future obstacles arise.

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Tip 5: Avoid the most common home building mistakes

Even if you have the funds to start building your dream home, there are some common home-building pitfalls that can cause you problems. So keep an eye out! Rushing into a particular suburb or block of land without careful consideration, or overlooking flaws in the floorplan, or selecting the wrong builder can all lead to costly setbacks. Take your time to assess everything, from the suitability of the suburb to the reputation of your builder.

The opportunity to escape the rental crisis and achieve home ownership in Queensland is within reach – especially with careful planning and the right builder by your side. At Brighton Homes, our team of experts and house and land packages across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast can turn your dream of owning a home into a reality.