Landscaping Tips and Ideas for Your New Home

Landscaping Tips and Ideas For Your New Home

Queensland offers some of the best entertaining weather in Australia, so its little wonder home builders want a new home with stylish landscaping, encouraging them and the kids to spend time outside. This blog will share some home landscaping tips and ideas to help new home builders create their slice of paradise before including some inspiration from Brighton Home's favourite landscape designs and where to find them.

Landscaping Tips for Your New Home

Establish the Type of Outdoor Spaces You Want

Before starting your landscaping project, you need the plan to establish whether you want a high or low-maintenance garden. You should ask yourself if you love pottering around in the yard for hours or enjoy a garden that looks great but requires very little work to maintain. So, if you're not a keen gardener and don't want to spend every weekend tending the yard, answer these questions, and it'll be much easier to decide how you will approach landscaping your new home.

Define Your Lawn Edges

When designing a backyard, edging your lawn makes any outdoor space look tidy and well-kept. Creating an edge is simple and can be as easy as using a sharp spade to create a clean separation between your lawn and garden beds. However, any landscape designer would recommend installing a physical barrier such as concrete, timber, brick or stone, which is an effective way to bring the garden's look together.

Mulch and Weed Your Garden Beds

Weeding and mulching the plant beds in your garden will help it to appear low-maintenance and generally well-kept. Regularly weeding reduces the risk of pests infesting your favourite plants, while mulching prevents the top of the soil from drying out, which is a great weed deterrent. Try using utility mulch such as pine bark or forest fines rather than typical 'gardener-preferred' options such as lucerne and sugarcane. You can also try a weed mat which are made from environmentally friendly fabrics and can be laid across turf or in garden beds to control the growth of weeds while still allowing water and air through.

Soil Quality Can Make All the Difference

Soil is the lifeblood of any healthy garden as it helps store nutrients for plants and retain moisture. Preparing your soil before you plant is essential, as it can be the difference between your whole garden dying or thriving. Start by ensuring good drainage and that the soil isn't compacted. Try visiting your local nursery for advice on proper soil preparation so you can have an attractive garden all year round.

Choose the Right Plants

Before you choose the plants you love the look of, first consider the types of plants that will be compatible with the conditions of where you live. The majority of plants require at least a minimum of four hours of natural light per day, while others are better suited to shady but moist environments. With this in mind, if you live in an area that is sunny or humid for most days of the year or an area that experiences more wet conditions, this will impact the types of plants you’ll choose. 

Think Strategically When You're Planting

You can use the layout of a home to think strategically about where the best parts of the garden are to plant your flowers, bushes, shrubs and even trees, so that they thrive. Maybe some parts get more shade during the day, while others get the majority of the sun? That means planting the right plants such as flower beds, in the areas where there is more of those essential rays can create the ideal environment for your plants to grow. Keeping this in mind when choosing house plans can help narrow down the right one for you to bring your dream landscaping ideas to life.

Be Inspired by These Landscaping Ideas from These Brighton Display Homes

Check out the below display homes that showcase the very best in landscape design in some of the best Queensland locations for plants to grow and thrive. We hope these beautifully designed house plans will inspire your very own landscaping ideas and how Brighton Homes can help make them a reality.


Aria Backyard Lanscaping

Curved decking plays up the rounded edges of the backyard lawn, as seen in the Aria double-storey display home at Arise, Rochedale. Other complimentary features include the trees, which use stones as a durable alternative to mulch, making them low-maintenance plants and offering plenty of small backyard garden ideas for you to play around.


Lola Kitchen

Trees, shrubs and bushes don't have to be seen and enjoyed from your outdoor areas. The Lola single-storey display home located at Aura, Caloundra West, considers the role your garden plays from inside your home, with verdant views of the side of the house landscaping from the kitchen, laundry and living area.


The River single-storey display home at North Harbour, Burpengary East, features a spacious outdoor area and evenly planted bushes with plenty of drainages. You'll also enjoy the focal point of the backyard, a water feature that is a popular and calming element of landscape design.

We hope you've learned some handy tips for new house landscaping and now that we're in the swing of spring, check out these Spring Gardening Tips to have your new home flourishing this season!