Solar That Pays For


Your Smart Solar Package Includes:

  • 6.6kW Solar System with a 5kW Inverter
  • Solar Inverter integrated into your wall during construction for a nice clean look
  • Smart Energy App to track and optimise your electricity usage in real-time directly from your phone or tablet


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Did you know that new homes in Australia will need to be ready for Electric Vehicle’s in the next 1-2 years? Which is why Brighton are now including a Smart Electric Vehicle Charger as standard with your already included Solar on all Brighton homes.

  • 4.6kW max charging rate
  • Wall mounted in garage
  • Euro 2 plug – compatible with all major car brands
  • Linked to Smart Board with monitoring of charger status, flow an cost via Energy App
  • Easy future upgrade tobi-directional (V2G) charger

Brighten Up Your Home

Discount Energy

Enjoy discount green energy with Powershop and reduce your new home's carbon footprint.

Store Power

Add an optional home battery so you can store excess power for when the sun isn't shining.

Built to last

Rest assured that your solar panels are built to last with a 20 year warranty.

6.6kW Solar System with Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC) is available when you enter into a contract to allow the supplier to install the solar system on your roof. The supplier will own the solar output for the first 60 months and you will have the option to buy the solar electricity produced at a discounted rate during this period. After 60 months you will own the solar system outright and have access to all the benefits of solar energy for your own use and to sell back to the grid. You have the option to purchase the system outright at any time. To access the discounted solar electricity, you must have an account with Energy Build nominated supplier, who will offer a discount off its standard rates for all solar electricity used for the first 60 months. Customer is free to change electricity suppliers at any time. This offer applies to all standard greenfield developed blocks. Additional costs may apply for Acreage, Knock Down Rebuild or non-standard installations.