Brighton Homes reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Floorplans used on this website depict a classic facade unless otherwise stated. Photographs may depict fixtures, finishes and features not included in any pricing specified. These may include architectural facades, marble benchtops, landscaping items, such as planter boxes, retaining walls, water features, pergolas, screens and decorative landscaping items such as fencing and outdoor kitchens and barbeques. Brighton Homes does not supply swimming pools, pool decks and fences. Accordingly any prices specified on this website do not include the supply of any of those items. For detailed home pricing and specification, please contact a Building & Design Consultant on 1300 893 788

Facade images are to be used as a guide only and may show decorative items not included in the base price including driveway, path, fencing, landscaping, timber windows, feature front entry door, coach lights, furnishings and upgraded garage door and roof coverings. Please ask your Building & Design Consultant for house specific drawings to assist you in making your choice.

Home and land packages are subject to availability. Brighton Homes has permission of the owner of the land to advertise the land as part of the price specified. The land price does not include transfer duty, settlement costs or any other fees or disbursements associated with the settlement of the land. Prices may vary and be subject to change once all siteworks plans are completed and the current market value of the land and other relevant costs are taken into consideration. Brighton Homes and the owner of the land reserve the right to change their prices without notice.

24 Month Warranty T&C's 

With inspections at 3, 12 and 24 months, our warranty period is double the industry’s 12 month standard, ensuring you greater peace of mind.  Due to building movement, settlement, normal wear and tear, or failure to maintain, newly completed homes can have minor defect items (non-structural) which is completely normal.  That’s why Brighton offer 3 inspections after you have been handed the keys to your new home. 

The first at 3 months and then again at 12 months – and this is where the industry standard ends – but here at Brighton we allow your home to go through the 4 seasons TWICE and offer a 24 month warranty inspection. This warranty requires us as the builder to rectify and/or reinstate any minor non-structural defect items which may have been caused by building movement or settling, and includes any warranty given by product manufacturers.  

60 Year Structural Guarantee T&C's

We take the time and make the effort to create a beautiful home for you that is built to last and last and last, and we guarantee it structurally for 60 years.  This means that the foundation systems, concrete or strip footings, load bearing brick work, structural timbers and steel in wall or roof framing are all covered for 60 years on any Brighton Home contract signed after 21st October 2018.  This structural guarantee is specific to the initial purchaser and not transferable to future owners of the home.

This guarantee does not include the following:

Defects arising from customer failure to maintain the home in accordance to the CSIRO’s Guide to Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance (refer to Brighton Homes Construction Handover Pack).

Damage caused by natural environmental factors – storms, fire, rain/flood, earthquake and excessive wind.

Defects and damage because of tree roots or plants growing near the homes footings, poor drainage of the land and leaking plumbing in and around the home. For further information on how to prevent this type of defect, please refer to CSIRO’s Guide to Foundation Maintenance and Footings Performance.

Everyday wear and tear including minor cracking due to climate conditions after your initial 24 month warranty period, is not covered by this warranty.

Regular 12-month termite inspections. This is the owner’s responsibility to continue the Termite Protection Maintenance Program. Failure to do so will result in void of Termite Warranty.   

Structural alterations, renovations or additions to the property including major landscaping or construction of a pool after handover.

For the avoidance of doubt this structural guarantee does not cover items of a non-structural nature such as marks, scratches, chips to cupboards, doors, benchtops, basins, baths, showers, appliances, etc.

All Brighton Homes customers are responsible to maintain their home in accordance with the Brighton Construction Handover Pack given at settlement.  Failure to do so, will void your 60 year Structural Guarantee.