Your Guide to the MyChoice Design Studio

Your Guide to the MyChoice Design Studio

The MyChoice Design Studio is where you will make all the cosmetic decisions for your new Brighton home, from paint colour all the way through to door handles. Your time in the studio will start once you’re at deposit stage in your building process and is made up of four key appointments that have been planned out strategically in a step by step process. This allows you to remain super focused on each step to ensure you are making educated, considered decisions for your home. Once you complete one appointment, you’re then ready and well-equipped for the next appointment. You will be guided through each appointment by a Qualified Interior Design Consultant ensuring you feel confident in every decision you make. The four key appointments are your Digital Walkthrough, Open Studio, Colour Selections and Electrical Selections. Below we have broken it down into a comprehensive guide with all the details you could possibly need for each of these appointments and how you can best prepare yourself. Here’s your guide to the MyChoice Design Studio.

mychoice design studio walkthrough appointment

Appointment One: Digital Walkthrough

Length: 1 hour

Attendees: This is a digital walkthrough that can be completed in your own time with the people who will be attending Colour Selections

Overview: Once you have paid your deposit, we will invite you to watch a digital walkthrough hosted by our Qualified Interior Design Consultants. You will be guided through the studio by our Qualified Interior Design Consultant who will introduce you to our product range, the Already Yours Inclusions and your appointments in the MyChoice Design Studio. This is simply a digital orientation for you. By the time you have deposited with Brighton Homes, we understand you would have spoken to many other builders so, this digital walkthrough is the perfect opportunity to be reminded of the Brighton process and your home building journey moving forward. Additionally, you will be introduced to our six MyChoice styles; Luxe, Coastal, Classic, Contempo, Urban and Global. You will be able to take an online quiz during this digital walkthrough which will help you identify your style if you don’t know already.

Goal: The main goal of this walkthrough is so you can get a clear vision of what your time in the studio will look like. The best part about this digital walkthrough is that no decisions need to be made!  You’ll also get an idea of what style you fall under.

What do you need to prepare? Nothing needs to be prepared for the Digital Walkthough.

Actions after the appointment: The fun stuff! After your digital walkthrough, it’s time to collate your inspiration board (if you haven’t already). We courage you to look at our virtual tours or visit our display homes for inspiration. You can also include images from Pinterest, Instagram, magazines etc. Now is also a good time to start thinking about your budget for your selections as well as which style you envision your home to be; Luxe, Coastal, Classic, Contempo, Urban or Global.

MyChoice Design Studio Styles

Appointment Two: Open Studio

Length: 2 hours

Attendees: Lead by a Qualified Interior Design Consultant. This is a one-on-one appointment.

Overview: Once you have signed your Consolidated Tender, the MyChoice Design Studio offers Open Studio sessions to allow you to re-visit our studio as often as you like prior to your selection’s appointment, based on appointment availability. These are the hidden gems of the MyChoice Studio, so it’s strongly recommended you have at least one Open Studio. You will need to contact the MyChoice Bookings Team to secure an Open Studio appointment by emailing Conducted by an Interior Design Consultant, the first step is identifying your style. We then help you put together colour schemes, textures and materials, answer any questions you have regarding your inclusions, your electricals and provide pricing where possible. In these appointments you will be introduced to estimated pricing (not final pricing) this is given according to your style and budget. While prices are only a guide at this point, you will still get a very clear idea of what you can get with your budget.

Goal: The goal for these appointments is so you can go into your Colour Selections Appointment prepared and with a clear vision. This is where the conversation really starts, and you can gain a greater understanding of what your home will look like. You will start to understand how you can achieve your style in your budget.

What do you need to prepare? Bring in everything you prepared after your Walkthrough appointment. Your budget, your desired style and inspiration pics from our display homes.

Actions after the appointment: It’s time to seriously think about everything you went over in your Open Studios and to finalise your budget. You should also consider if you need to book in another Open Studio appointment or if you are confident enough to finalise your choices at your Colour Selection appointment.

MyChoice Design Studio Selections Appointment

Appointment Three: Colour Selections

Length: 9am – 5pm

Attendees: Lead by a Qualified Interior Design Consultant. This is a one-on-one appointment.

Overview: This is your finalisation day! You will choose all the finishing touches for your new home. From your roof and façade materials through to your cabinetry, benchtops, paints, and tiles. This appointment will take a full working day… Don’t worry we will provide lunch, snacks, tea, coffee and water. At this appointment, you will also be provided with instant pricing so there will be a running tally on the day ensuring you stay within your budget. If you followed our step by step process, were honest with your budget then nothing new should be explored on this day and your colour selection will be a breeze!

Goal: By the end of this appointment all your selections will be finalized and signed off on, allowing you to leave happy and knowing exactly how much your selections cost.

What do you need to prepare? Anything that brings you inspiration and a decisive headspace! We encourage you to bring in colour swatches, material swatches, pictures or samples of key pieces of art, furniture, or items that you would like to plan your home around. Everything else will be ready for you in the studio.

Actions after the appointment: Now that the biggest selections appointment is out of the way it’s time to order takeaway, put your heels up and relax for the night. Then get straight back into planning. For your electricals, you will have to review your budget and put together an ideal plan of where you will put your furniture. Additionally, any add ons like sheds, gates, pools etc.

mychoice design studio walkthrough appointment

Appointment Four: Electrical Selections

Length: 1.5hrs

Attendees: Lead by a Qualified Interior Design Consultant. This is a one-on-one appointment.

Overview: This is pretty much as it reads. It’s time to choose all your electrical selections! Lights, power points, TV positions, electric gates, intercoms and the list goes on!

What do you need to prepare? You will need to ensure your budget is updated and you have an idea of how you will utilize each space in your home. Our MyChoice team will send you electrical homework with your house plan and a full electrical price list. This will make you think about how you live and utilize each space. E.g. where you want to position your TV, lamps or pendants, how many powerpoints etc. Other than that, your Interior Design Consultant will have all your details on file ready to go, so just turn up ready to make more decisions!

Actions after the appointment: Your time in the My Choice Design Studio is officially done! You’ve finalized and signed off on your all selections and are ready for your next step!

Our Top 5 Tips

  1. Don’t panic and get ahead of yourself.  Trust the process and allow our Qualified Interior Design Consultants to guide you through each step.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear so you can move around the studio.
  3. Be honest and transparent with your budget.
  4. Ensure all decision-makers are available for these appointments. We understand your kids are a huge part of this process, however where possible we encourage you to arrange alternate plans for them.
  5. Come with an open mind

The MyChoice Design Studio can be one of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking steps in your home building journey. However, if you follow our four step appointment structure from start to finish, prepare an accurate budget and allow our Qualified Interior Design Consultant to guide you through the process,  your time in the MyChoice Studio will be a walk in the park!

To find out more about our 8-step process click here. To chat with a Building & Design Consultant click here.