5 Tips for Hosting Your First Christmas

5 Tips for Hosting Your First Christmas

The day has finally come where you can host your first Christmas in your Brighton home. A proud yet very daunting moment. Up to 20 people or more coming over for one of the biggest celebrations of the year… Where do you even start?  We’ve put together our top 5 tips for hosting your first Christmas so you can sit back and enjoy your day with family and friends. 

1. Set Up The Day Before

Christmas Table Setting

Christmas morning is for family. It’s for sitting in your PJs opening gifts and having brekky with your nearest and dearest. No one wants to be running around moving furniture and setting tables. So, we recommend doing everything the day before (yes even setting the table) so you can enjoy your Christmas morning. 


2. Ensure Your Home Is Festive

Christmas Decorations

If you volunteered or have been nominated to host Christmas, decorations are a must. We are talking table settings, bon bons, Christmas colours and of course Christmas music… Did someone say Michael Bublé? Finally, ensure your tree is central in the house and has plenty of room around it for gift giving.

3. Prepare Games

Backyard Cricket

Nothing says an Aussie Christmas like backyard cricket! If you don’t have the space or couldn’t think of anything worse than playing cricket in the middle of summer prepare some games for around the table. Cards, trivia, Articulate or a gift exchange game to name a few. It’s one way to ensure everyone is having fun and the day is filled with laughter.

4. Allocate Tasks

Christmas Lunch

If you’re spending Christmas Day together, you have to be pretty close with your guests whether they are family or great friends. Close enough to ask everyone to bring something! Hosting Christmas is a huge responsibility so the least your guests could do is contribute to lunch. Be organised and allocate different dishes to each family. Trust us, they won’t mind!

5. Don't Forget Ice

Christmas Day

It’s 5 minutes before your guests are arriving and you’ve forgotten ice… Again! You’re calling around to see if anyone can drop by a servo on the way to yours. No luck. Don’t let this happen again, be prepared, and don’t forget ice!

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect! Christmas Day is about spending time with your loved ones and creating memories. If you burnt the potatoes or forgot cucumber for the salad, it’s ok! No one will even notice. Sit back and enjoy the memories you’re making in your new Brighton home.