Top 5 Interior Design Trends to Embrace in 2021


This year we will see interiors that focus on comfort, functionality and character. Below we take a look at the top five interior trends that we think will take centre stage in 2021. From multifunctional spaces all the way through to statement walls, we break it down for you.

1. Multifunctional Spaces


Harper 29 on display at Aura Caloundra West

Well who would have thought that’s how 2020 would have turned out?... Not us! Overnight, our dining table turned into the backbone of the home! The MVP of 2020! The Best Supporting Actor to the lead role! The home office, classroom, meeting room, bar, puzzle table, restaurant, I mean the list is endless. It’s safe to say the underdog of 2020 was the trusty dining table. In fact, the whole home had to quickly adapt and become a multifunctional space. From finding study nooks in hidden areas and storage areas for your gym or work equipment. This year will be no different, with the term Hybrid Home being more prominent than ever.

2. Connecting Indoors and Outdoors


Harper 29 on display at Aura Caloundra West

For us Queenslanders, connecting the indoors and outdoors is nothing new. It’s just how we have always lived! It seems like the rest of the world is following... To think everyone’s being following NYC all this time for trends. For people who don’t have the luxury of a huge outdoor space it’s all about creating pockets around the home that reflect the outdoors. Creating a space flooded with natural light, great air flow and lots of greenery will be essential to connecting the indoors and outdoors. You could even say 2021 is all about letting life in.

3. Neutral everything!


Piper 39 on display at Newport.

There’s just a sense of calmness that comes with a neutral colour palette and with the year we’ve had…  GIVE US ALL THE NEUTRALS! In 2021, neutrals will peak. We don’t just mean a white room. It’s about creating layers of muted, neutral colours like greys, soft pinks, caramels, beiges and more. Your home is your sanctuary so it’s about time it felt like it.

4. Natural Textures and Materials


Juniper 27 on display at Harmony Palmview.

Technology is here to stay and as it becomes more and more a part of our lives, we need to find balance. By creating a space that is filled with natural textures and materials or inspired by nature, it can help provide solace from technology. Not only does using natural textures and materials create an oasis like space, but it also is more and more relevant as consumers become educated and conscious of the products they buy. These earthy organic look items, low impact linens, rattan and wickers, cottons and wools transition extremely well from indoor to out. Finally, we love the look of them! Earthy, natural materials and textures go hand in hand with lots of the styles and themes we love like bohemian, coastal and resort.

5. Statement Walls


Lexie 27 on display at Ridgeview Narangba.

Step aside feature walls; there’s a new kid on the block and he goes by the name of Statement Walls! We spend so much time on Pinterest finding the perfect narrative for our home through window coverings, artwork, tiles, furniture etc. Then we get to walls and think maybe a bit of paint will do? Well, it’s time to up the ante! Why let your creativity stop at walls and be limited by some paint and artwork? It’s time to go big or go home and add a bit of dramatic effect to your home. Using bold wallpaper, materials and textures, you can achieve a statement wall in 2021. Above external cladding has been used to add subtle drama to the Lexie 27 on display at Ridgeview Narangba. Statement walls add dramatic effect and most definitely don’t go unnoticed, for a good reason!

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