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Studio Collection Inclusions

Inside and out, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. We’ve thought of (and included) it all. Discover exactly what stylish fittings, fixtures, appliances and more will already be yours as part of your brand new Studio Collection home. Because if you’re going to make a start, you want to do it bright.

Discover what's already yours and prepare for the styling to begin…

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Gallery Collection Inclusions

A new home is more than a mixture of materials, furniture and things. It’s a collection of dreams you’ve taken years to grow. At Brighton, we share your excitement and now’s your chance to bring it all to life. There’s nothing ‘standard’ about what’s included in your build. Dream homes need taps and doors too. The most important thing to know? You have choice. And lots of it. Explore the all-inclusive selections on offer and start to imagine a home that’s already yours.

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