Shining a light on Brighton

Welcome to a new perspective

At Brighton Homes, we understand being a Queensland home builder involves more than just building a new home. It’s about providing floorplans that you can move through as easily as the summer breeze does. It’s about helping you celebrate how far you’ve come and capture the little things that create the bigger picture.
It’s about sun-fringed spaces and generously-sized rooms that are limited only by your imagination. Whether you’re looking for a break from the big-city buzz, to splurge a little or simply create a new beginning, we offer a range of flexible architectural house plans perfect for the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

Designed just for you

We’ve been inspired by Queensland’s sunshine and unique lifestyle to offer affordable home designs that enhance the way we all live. We create spaces that entice the senses and capture the beauty of our sun drenched days and electrified nights. Our ideas are big, bold and brave to ensure every home we build is one where you can explore, unwind and genuinely relax. 
No design is complete without you and your family's ideas and inspiration. That’s why we work with the MyChoice Design Studio to provide you with endless choices on how you can style your dream home and MyChoice Home Loans to give you peace of mind with a loan that suits your needs.

You’re always welcome

Just like you’ll find in your own home, our doors are always open. Forget about formalities, ask lots of questions and take millions of photos. We look forward to taking this journey with you and plan to do just that – partner you through every step. 

With over 30 years’ experience and backed by the MJH Group, we are quietly confident we have a new home design to enhance the way you live and help you savour time with your favourite people.

So it’s time to let life in.