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With over 30 years’ experience and backed by the MJH Group, we are quietly confident we have a home design to enhance the way you live and help you savour time with your favourite people.

At Brighton Homes, we understand being a Queensland home builder involves more than a mixture of materials, furniture and things. It’s about providing floorplans that you can move through as easily as the summer breeze does. It’s about helping you celebrate how far you’ve come and assisting you bring your dream to life.



Step into Elwood by Brighton and say hi to a new way to display, where what you see is all yours

When you open the door to Elwood, you’re opening the door to your future. A future of uncomplicated, authentic living that sets the tone for your life. Your life filled with sun-soaked weekends, long work from home days, and nights where the warm Queensland air flurries in while you cook dinner. You’re choosing family movie nights, barbies with friends and time for the things that really matter to you. 

When you choose Elwood, you’re choosing your future the moment you set eyes on our architect-designed floorplans. Everything you see is all yours, yes that’s right it’s all included… Well maybe a few things have been upgraded, we couldn’t help ourselves! 

Elwood’s collection of beautifully designed homes welcome easy living with open arms. We understand that life does not have to be complicated so why should your home be?

These brilliantly designed homes have been meticulously planned out to compliment the contemporary and effortless lifestyle of Queenslanders. elwood-rgb-coated-sage-forest.png

Life’s well lived when it’s all yours.

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Each and every day, we exist to push the dreams and expectations of 'Life Well Lived' on behalf of the everyday Queenslander. This is our WHY... our purpose at Brighton. Here are 8 great reasons why you should join us in letting life in:



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