Acreage Home Designs

Escape the city and discover the freedom of country living with Brighton Homes. Built to blend in with natural surrounds, our acreage home designs offer peace and quiet on spacious blocks of land. Whether you want to live near the coast or in the countryside, we can help you build the acreage home of your dreams.

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Beautiful House Designs for Acreage Blocks

Building on an acreage block is a great way to experience living in the countryside while still having a home close to the city. If you’re sick of crowded neighbourhoods, you’re sure to love the benefits that come with a larger block. You’ll enjoy enhanced privacy, better air quality, and more room for building a spacious family home.

Our acreage house designs are constructed specially to help you take full advantage of your lot’s spaciousness and privacy. Available in a range of floor plans, they capitalise on natural lighting and fresh air so you can make the most of living on a large block. No matter how many bedrooms you need or whether you want to build a two-storey or single-storey house, you can be sure of finding a suitable floor plan in our range of acreage house designs.

Acreage blocks are a minimum 4,000m2, but they can also be considerably larger. They can include several types of properties, including a single acre in the suburbs, or several hundred acres in a more remote region. With so much space to work with, you’ll have all the room you need to build a modern acreage home that provides an idyllic countryside lifestyle.  

Our team are experienced at navigating the challenges associated with constructing a new home on acreage and will support you throughout the building process. 

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Find the perfect acreage house design in our Studio and Gallery home design collections

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8 Steps to Building Your Acreage Home

Our expert team will work with you while your acreage home is being built, ensuring your involvement at every stage of the build. Designed to bring your new home to life as quickly as possible, our building process involves these 8 simple steps:

Step 1 – Initial Quote

After discussing your vision with a Brighton Homes Building and Design Consultant, you’ll have the chance to choose your favourite single-storey house design. We’ll then provide you with an initial quote.

Step 2 – Preliminary Agreement

The next step involves signing your preliminary agreement and paying your initial $3,000 (non-refundable) deposit fee, which secures your quote for 180 days. If you want to make any changes to the design of your home at this point, your quote can be amended.

Step 3 – Consolidated Tender

A meeting will be booked with your Building and Design Consultant so that you can review your Consolidated Tender (CT). Once the CT and any other remaining paperwork has been agreed on and signed, you can move forward with choosing electrical appliances and design details.

Step 4 – Plan Presentation

You house plan will be ready to review at this stage. If you’re happy with everything, the plan can be signed off on.

Step 5 – MyChoice Design Studio

This stage of the build involves turning your house into your dream home using MyChoice Design Studio, which lets you personalise the interior design.

Step 6 – Contract Signing and Electrical Presentation

You will attend a meeting with your Project Coordinator to review and sign your contract. You’ll also attend an electrical appointment on the same day to finalise any upgrades to electrical components.

Step 7 – Building Approval

Once your contract, interior design and electrical components have been finalised, your plans will be lodged with our private certifier to obtain your Building Approval.

Step 8 – Authority to Commence Construction

After sending your financial lender a copy of your Building Approval, your lender will provide you with an Authority to Commence Construction letter. Construction of your home will begin within 20 days of this letter being received.

Why Choose Brighton Homes for your acreage new house design?

Brighton Homes has over 30 years’ experience in building beautiful houses. From inner-city suburbs to acreage properties, we work with all kinds of blocks of land. If you want to engage with a builder that will guide you through the process of designing and constructing an acreage home, you can trust us to offer expert advice at every point in the building process.


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